Bioplant Block – High Strength Block Bone Tissue


Bioplant Block is a solution that clearly differentiates us from existing products, its mechanical resistance allows it to be fixed with self-drilling screws without the need to make a previous hole, in addition, the screw literally threads into the block without breaking the bone structure.

It is also indicated for surgeries where it needs to withstand a lot of stress, since the load resistance of the rehydrated tissue is 350 kg. per cubic centimeter with a loss of 2% in the next 8 hours.

– 10% hydroxyapatite and 90% collagen exposed by partial demineralization.

– Easily manipulated after hydration (milling, cutting, etc.)

– Can be fixed with a screw without drilling

– Deantigenated by enzymatic route at 37º

– Sterilized with Beta Rays

Additional information

Additional information


20x15x8, 20x10x10, 20x20x10

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